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Happy Smiles!

One of the greatest struggles in our work at Ogra is teaching the importance of hygiene to a community that wasn’t taught for generations, a community that also doesn’t have the financial situation to buy all the products necessary for a good hygiene. We realized that we can’t ask the children to wash their own…

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Stichting Livada-Netherlands, September Visit

Without the help of our sponsors, we could never be the life changing, productive and creative foundation we are. For the past four years, one of our biggest projects for the month of September was to help the kids involved in the Prevention of Abandonment program in Ogra to start the school. So, last week,…

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Summer Activities in Ogra

It has been a wonderful summer in Ogra. We had sun and we had rain, but most of all we had the Lord’s blessing and protection through it all. We were able to use the school in Ogra for four weeks to run our activities. Every day from 10am to 12pm we had a program…

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Step by Step

“It doesn't matter how slow you go as long as you don't stop” Confucius Sometimes in our work in Ogra it feels like we are taking small steps, but we are reminded everyday seeing these kids that the important thing is to keep going and not to stop. Three years ago we started enrolling the…

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Christmas Parties Bring Great Joy

  We are in the final stretch of joy-filled Christmas parties for all of the hundreds of orphans and at risk Roma kids we serve in Mures County Romania. We partner with Samaritan's Purse AND supplement the gifts with age appropriate aid, a feast, singing Christmas carols and worship songs, and reading and explaining of…

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Being “Strong and Courageous” with the Ogra kids

This past week, we had a team come from Peachtree Baptist -  Atlanta, Georgia. The team of Georgians dove into the week with fervor and excitement. This week was also the first week of campers from the Ogra ministry. It was awesome to see both ministries combine forces to pour into the lives of these…

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Camp Activities in Ogra

The first two weeks at Ogra have been great! My intern partner Alaina and I have loved every minute and are excited for more time with these precious kids. In the mornings we have the little kids who are 5-7 years old.  They have a bible lesson, singing, crafts, games, and “kindergarten” centers.  After lunch…

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Christmas with the gypsy children of Ogra Village

God blessed our work in Ogra this year with many many more regular children, so we had about 180 gypsy children at our Christmas party!!!  Our teenagers helped with the preparation for the big day.  Some of them were involved in the theater and others made many different decorations, so that the majors’ hall would…

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The Ogra kids in Livada’s day camps

Another week of camp is down, and the summer is coming to a close fast. This week we had the Green Acre's team joining us to tackle the task of the big kids from Orga. Similar to last week a lot of the kids can't read or write because they are not receiving the right…

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More Day Camps in Ogra village

The last two weeks of the Ogra program were very special because we got to interact with kids that are closer in age to us. Watching them grow and develop into the "teenage stage" was exciting and challenging at times. The last week of Ogra camp came and went all too quickly. The middle and…

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