Praise God for Irina and Valeria!

Praise God for Irina and Valeria!

Regarding Foster Care project, God showed His mercy for us and the little abandoned babies, by giving us  two wonderful baby girls this month;

Valeria and Irina.

Irina is 18 months old and Valeria is only a month and a half old.  Both of them are a real blessing for the foster families, and more than that, starting from this month their lives is going to change and they will receive the love, compassion and care that they longed for.

Irina is our first baby from Ludus Pediatric Hospital that was placed in Foster Care. Our team took very good care of her, teaching her walking, talking, eating, and playing.

Please keep us and these precious babies in your prayers, for God is good and has a plan for each and every one of us!

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