Month: October 2017

God Works In Mysterious Ways

Every year in the month of September the students at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Târgu Mureș have a competition that lasts a few days, called Medifun. This year the students decided to turn one of the trials from the competition into a social activity. Knowing that LOC Foundation is working with poor…

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Happy Smiles!

One of the greatest struggles in our work at Ogra is teaching the importance of hygiene to a community that wasn’t taught for generations, a community that also doesn’t have the financial situation to buy all the products necessary for a good hygiene. We realized that we can’t ask the children to wash their own…

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Activities That Bond True Friendships

In order to really invest in and disciple the kids we serve, our staff is committed to spending time with kids from the state group homes outside of our weekly planned programs. Doing activities together that aren’t part of the normal routine can be a great way to bond with the kids, get to know…

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Celebration of Life…

After a long summer for our kids, filled with family activities, outings and lots of fun, the month of September brought great enthusiasm with the start of a new school year. Our Foster Care department continues with its monthly activities through visits, counseling/ therapy, birthday’s celebration, and all kind of support that foster families need.…

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