Month: October 2018

Meet Our Staff – Emil Moldovan

Nearly 20 years ago, when I decided to become a volunteer in a social project, most of the people around me gave me funny looks and told me that being a volunteer in an NGO doesn’t help me. On the contrary, for me, working in an NGO provided me with that informal environment in which…

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Foster Care Celebrations

Sometimes we take for granted how special a birthday is… it’s basically just going around and saying how great it is you’re just here that you are important and loved.  This is the message we want to communicate to the children in our care.  To know that they are important, that their birthday is special…

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School Supplies for Children in Ogra

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela When we started our programs in Ogra years ago, one of the things we noticed needs change is education. So many children did not go to school and most of the adults were illiterate. We believe that if the…

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