A New Family for Bianca from Ludus

A New Family for Bianca from Ludus

    Bianca Varga was admitted at the Baby Hospital in Ludus when she was only a few days old. Her mom left her there after she was released from the Maternity Hospital. Bianca spent her three years of life mostly in the Baby Hospital. Her biological family took her home for short periods of time and every home visit has been traumatic for her. The hospital’s and LOC’s staff worked hard nurturing her back to health, praying and working for her emotional healing every time she came back. She is a strong child and she made it through all, until November, last year, when her biological family finally admitted to authorities that they are unable to care for her and are willing to let Bianca be taken in foster care.

All the staff continued to pray for a forever family for Bianca, and God answered when the Munteanu family decided to take her into foster care and raise Bianca together with their other two children in a healthy environment where she is happy and loved! Our joy is even greater because Bianca made it into the Munteanu family, Alina Munteanu being one of LOC’s staff members.

We praise the Lord for always being faithful!

Please continue to support Bianca and her new family in prayer!

Rodica Maier – Cradle Care Coordinator & House Director

Bianca in the hospital
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