A Perfect Day of Sledding!

A Perfect Day of Sledding!

Winter in Targu-Mures this year was warmer than usual and without much snow. Some people might prefer that weather, but if you enjoy winter activities (skiing, ice skating, sledding, etc.) then you would have considered it a blessing when, at the very end of the season, we finally got some good snow. All week long it snowed a little every day and was cold enough that it didn’t melt. Even though our “winter” only lasted a week, we made the most of what we had by taking the kids from the Juliana house sledding. It was a big outing, with a handful of staff members and missionaries from other ministry departments joining the fun. We loaded up the van with sleds and went to a big hill just outside of town. We got there early, before more people came, and had the hill all to ourselves for awhile. Everyone had so much fun, and we stayed there for hours. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for sledding, with a little bit of sun and soft, fresh snow.

Afterwards, we all had lunch together at the Juliana house and played games with Eva and Attila while the younger kids rested (they were worn out from sledding!). It was a perfect, wintery Saturday, and we were grateful for the gift of snow!

Emily Rodenbach – US Missionary, Orphan Outreach Department

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