A special night for special people

A special night for special people

How can we reward the solidarity, sacrifice and dedication that people with big hearts have for abandoned children? This thought has mobilized us to organize a special time of disconnection for our foster families, thus indicating gratitude for their involvement. The evening of December 16th was a day of joy for the five foster families, together with the ten foster children placed in this new program.

A special support in organizing this party came from the young teens in our homes,who helped as volunteers and everyone made their job with responsibility.

There were special activities for the toddlers, for the older foster children in each family, but especially for the foster parents. The meeting was well received by the parents who were able to get away from the daily responsibilities andto step into the holiday spirit. The parents were surprised and delighted with the artistic program that the children prepared together with the volunteers, which included carols and poems submitted by emotion and love. And the children were taken aback by the unexpected arrival of Santa Claus, who brought with him the sack of gifts and fulfilled desires.
We were so thankful when we saw the enthusiasm and excitement that was read in the eyes of the children who saw for the first time a Christmas tree, a Santa Claus, but especially the joy of family atmosphere.
The final moment of the meeting brought the most emotional time; the encouragement message that Daniel, one of Livada’s young teens brought to the families.

We know that we could not completely reward the sacrifice that these families make for the children, through this event, but the way they received the “gift” on our part, we handed the fact that they feel valued, rewarded and encouraged to continue their ministry.

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