STINT Missionaries

(Short Term InterNational Teams)
are Western missionaries working alongside our Romanian staff & volunteers to minister to vulnerable Romanian kids.

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Nicole 2015

Nicole Triff

Prevention of Abandonment Coordinator


Jo Fletcher

Cradle Care Ministry

Emily Rodenbach

Emily Rodenbach-Derta

Group Home Parent

Former and Current STINT Missionaries

Bruce and Catherine Thomas (and Sam, Charlie, and Graham) 2001-2008
Lindsay Chatfield Tucholski 2002-2004
Dana Schiavo Cortright 2002-2003
John and Carrie Isley 2003-2004
Troy Everling 2003-2004
Brian and Lee Ann Briley (and Faith, Jules, and Isaiah) 2003-2008
Becky Kyle 2003-2008
Andew and Cristina Vidal (and Katherine Joy) 2003-2008
Miram Smit 2003-2004
Becky DeGarmo White 2004-2006
Kelly Hornsby 2004-2009
Angela Hastings 2005-2008
Bethany Tibbetts 2006
Jannes de Jong 2006
Scotty Kubin 2008
Rebecca Rasmussen-Cinca 2006-2015
Paul and Fiona Coles 2006-2008
Sarah Mezaros 2009
Jeff and Jenny McDonnell (and Jack) 2009-2011
Nicole Rast Triff 2010-present
Terry Short 2012-2013
Alexandra Praytor 2012-2016
Justin Hendrix 2014-2015
Emily Rodenbach-Derta 2015-present
Amy Beger 2015
Jo Fletcher 2016-present
Stephen Howard 2016
Carter Green 2016-2019
Allyson Lim 2017-2019
Audrey Dukes 2018
Sarah Moore 2019-2021

If you have further questions, contact us at info@livada.org.

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