Attila and Eva’s trip to America

Attila and Eva’s trip to America

At the end of this summer, we had a very special opportunity with Attila and Eva. Remi and I were able to take them on a trip with us to visit friends and family in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Attila and Eva are the two oldest kids currently living at Casa Ana Nadia, and our trip to the States was a fun experience to share with them and a great bonding experience for all of us.

We went for two weeks at the end of August, and, spending most of our time in the Dallas area, we had a schedule packed full of classic Texas activities, such as shooting guns, visiting the stockyards, and attending a high school football game. Additionally, we went rock climbing, visited the Perot Science Museum in Dallas, and went tubing on a lake. We also visited some family in Oklahoma and Arkansas, and we all went on a kayaking trip down the Buffalo River in Arkansas while there.

Attila and Eva loved their time in the States. They were big fans of the food (namely, Chick-fil-a and all the American hamburgers) and Eva especially enjoyed practicing her English. Also, not only were they incredibly spoiled for the whole two weeks by all our American friends and family, but they also had plenty of quality time with Remi and I. With six kids in the house, we aren’t always able to give the kids individualized attention to the extent they would like, so the opportunity to go on a two-week trip with just the two of them was a very special time. We are all very grateful for the experience, and looking forward to many more trips and adventures together.

Emily Rodenbach Derta- US missionary (Casa Julianna house mother)

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