Baby Hospital Update

Baby Hospital Update

As we start this new year we are continuing in our work at the baby hospital with a few new changes and faces. We are very thankful to have a new member join us on staff with the cradle care ministry. She officially stepped into her role with the ministry at the beginning of February. We are grateful for God’s provision through this process.

Since December, we have welcomed two new little ones both of whom joined us shortly after being born.

Now our largest age group at the hospital are the little babies. What a precious group of little ones they are!  Our older babies are continuing to grow, learn and make developmental milestones. They are learning to sit crawl and eat solid foods. It is such a joy to get to see them progress in positive ways. They will be walking before no time. Our toddlers at the hospital are doing well and are full of energy as usual! We are thankful for the opportunity to be serving these kids through this ministry.

Audrey Dukes – USA Baby Hospital Missionary

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