Blessed to Be A Blessing

Blessed to Be A Blessing

In January we were contacted by a Christian family from Sibiu County; at that time we didn’t know that they are Christians but found out later when the father prayed for us all after one of our visits. They told us they are very poor, they have 3 girls and they requested our help with whatever we can. They described their situation at home insisting that they need help. My thought after this conversation was that we do not have much to help, and we don’t even know if they do need that much help. The whole day this family was on my mind and somehow I felt in my heart that we have to do something for them.  Looking at all the things with which God has blessed us, as a foundation, I discovered that we had more than enough to give to others as well, things we should not keep “for later” and that this was due to His grace and goodness. Besides the things we have gathered from the donations we received, some of our colleagues brought some food for them from home.  With some savings we were able to buy a blanket, some basic food, and we also provided a wardrobe for them. They were very thankful for everything they have received. This five member family lives in a single room; all five sleep in a single bed. What we appreciated about them is that although they are very young, aged 24 and 26, having miserable conditions, they have not abandoned their girls who are very young, the oldest is 5 years old and attends kindergarten, the middle one is almost 3, and the youngest is 16 months old.  The two younger girls have asthma and need permanent medication.

Our goal is to continue to help them with whatever we can.  We wanted to share with you the joy of being able to support such families, being aware that none of this would have been possible if we haven’t been blessed beyond measure.

Gabriella Simon – Foster Care Coordinator



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