Blessed Week

Blessed Week

In the last week of June we were blessed to have the Providence Team from Texas with us . The kids from Santana and Sancrai group homes, ages 5 to 18 were able to come to our day camp programs.

We split the kids into teams in a different way than the past years mixing them up age wise because the theme of the week was taking care of each other, and the lessons were talking about showing our love by being examples through our lives on a daily basis knowing that the younger children follow the example of the older ones.

From Monday to Wednesday the kids had different team competitions, a bible lesson, craft and free time. Throughout all the activities the children felt loved and cared for by the Americans and Romanians working with them.

On Thursday they went on a trip to Rasnov which is 3 hours away from Targu-Mures, there they visited Dino Park (an amusement park  about dinosaurs) they had the opportunity to watch a 3d movie, do creative crafts and see dinosaurs. After visiting the park they had lunch together in a restaurant.  It has been such a great experience for the children.

We are so thankful to the Providence team for making this week so special for the children. Every hug you gave these children, every second you spent with them  has made an impact on their life, and even if you might never know, you could be that one person that showed these kids that they are valuable and loved, that no matter the circumstances they too can become the people God meant for them to be.

Please continue to pray for the children in state care group homes that God would surround them and protect them. Also pray for the people that work with them (our staff and the state employees) that they will have love and patience and empathy for them.

Eunice Tinca

Fundatia Loc Staff


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