Boots for Orphan Children in Mureș County

Boots for Orphan Children in Mureș County

In Romania, winters can be very cold and wet, and having proper footwear is essential. LOC was blessed to receive hundreds of pairs of boots from a like-hearted organization, Metro Ministries. As previously seen on our blog, the Ogra staff gave many pairs of boots to the underprivileged kids they serve, but the giving didn’t stop there. Thanks to the generosity of Metro Ministries, we also had enough boots for the Follow Up staff to distribute boots to 13 different group homes that we work with. Each child in those homes received a brand new pair of boots, as well as two pairs of socks.

The kids living in these group homes do not always have the funds available to them to meet all their physical needs, and we try to help them in any way we can. Sometimes that looks like giving them detergent too so they can wash their clothes, and sometimes it looks like socks and shoes to keep their feet warm and dry all winter long. While we believe our priority is to meet spiritual needs, we also know Jesus Christ has called us to meet the physical needs of others. We are grateful for the opportunity and resources that enable us to do so.

Emily Rodenbach – US Missionary, Orphan Outreach Department

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