Camp Activities in Ogra

Camp Activities in Ogra

The first two weeks at Ogra have been great! My intern partner Alaina and I have loved every minute and are excited for more time with these precious kids. In the mornings we have the little kids who are 5-7 years old.  They have a bible lesson, singing, crafts, games, and “kindergarten” centers.  After lunch we have a program for upper elementary kids.  The girls came last week and this week we were with the boys.  Alaina and I help lead a bible lesson and related activities before splitting up to teach a small group English.

On Tuesday afternoons the American short term teams come to visit and walk through the Gypsy village.  It has been fun to see our kids and some of their siblings at their houses as we show the visitors around.  It’s also been a reminder of their harsh and usually unsanitary living conditions.  Sometimes it is easy to forget that they do not lead a normal life compared to children their age in America when they are all together and doing normal children’s activities.  This next week we will be in Ogra with the little kids in the morning and both the older boys and girls in the afternoon.  Then the two weeks following we will go to camp with them.

I am so thankful to be a part of God’s great plan for these kids I am encountering in Romania!

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