Casa Juliana Children’s School Start

Casa Juliana Children’s School Start
This week, the Casa Juliana kids’ summer came to a close and a new school year started. This year all the kids are in the same school together, as Sergiu, the youngest in the home, started his first year of school. Laji, Costi, and Nicu are in the second grade this year, and are all in the same class. However, Costi will also start going once a week to special education class to help with his learning disabilities. Eva and Attila are entering their last year of primary school, the fourth grade. While they are in the same grade, they are in different classes because Attila is in the Hungarian class and Eva is in the Romanian class.
All the kids were looking forward to going back to school and seeing their friends and teachers. Monday morning was met with much excitement and anticipation as everyone went to school for the first day festivities. Of course, like all kids, they were also excited to get new school supplies. We were fortunate to have our Dutch partners donate once again money for school supplies for all the kids this year. Additionally, Sergiu received a free new backpack filled with all the school supplies he needs because of his participation in a summer program at school.
All their excitement dampened slightly on Tuesday, when the kids started getting homework, but they’re still happy overall to be back in school and have enjoyed their first week. We’re looking forward to a new year of learning, making friends, and growing up.
Emily Rodenbach – US missionary – Casa Julianna house mom


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