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A New Family for Bianca from Ludus

    Bianca Varga was admitted at the Baby Hospital in Ludus when she was only a few days old. Her mom left her there after she was released from the Maternity Hospital. Bianca spent her three years of life mostly in the Baby Hospital. Her biological family took her home for short periods of…

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Share Our Joy!

It has been a busy summer at the Baby Hospital, with lots of visitors and volunteers all ready to help and get involved. We celebrated birthdays together, took the kids outside to enjoy the sunshine, but also followed the steps of their development and supported them throughout the process of reaching their needs. We are…

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Update on our activity in Ludus Baby Hospital

In the last 3 months, it's all about being new at the baby hospital! We painted the play room with a new simple coat (it was a bit over crowded with all those paintings). For more significant progress, we decided to hire, and hired a new speech therapist to work with three of our toddlers;…

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Winter Season at Ludus Baby Hospital

LOC missionary Amy, former intern Stephanie, and LOC kids Anna & Daniela celebrating Christmas with some of the babies from Ludus   We had a busy and good time at the Baby Hospital over the last period, with many helping hands. A group of residents and medical students joined our volunteer team over the weekends…

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Ludus Baby Hospital Update

At the baby hospital we had a full summer with lots of lovely people visiting and spending time with the babies and toddlers! We also had here two wonderful interns for two months, Kathleen and Haley, working alongside with our staff which were covering 12 hours every day. So thanks to all these dedicated people our babies…

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Finally we can enjoy the sun and some fresh air

At the baby hospital we enjoy a lot the wonderful weather because that means playing at the park, walking in the sun and why not just sitting on a bench on somebody's lap babbling away! Soon, joining our team for the summer, we will have two interns, Kathleen and Hayley, and that gives us the…

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New Therapist at the Baby Hospital

Things have moved forward at the Baby Hospital ministry. We are excited to collaborate with Ana Maria Veres, our new therapist that is helping us work with the children, and understand them.  We already see the progress! Please keep us in your prayers! Also, we are blessed with new furniture in the playing room at…

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Praise God for Irina and Valeria!

Regarding Foster Care project, God showed His mercy for us and the little abandoned babies, by giving us  two wonderful baby girls this month; Valeria and Irina. Irina is 18 months old and Valeria is only a month and a half old.  Both of them are a real blessing for the foster families, and more…

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