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Days of importance, carefully celebrated with our loved ones

A cause for celebration, relaxation and fun, but also collecting wonderful memories over the years is celebrating birthdays. This experience brings joy for the children, sense of belonging and the safety that they are loved, cared for, special and in the spotlight! It is another way in which the family lets the child know that…

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LOC Volunteer Tibi Varga Gives Back To Others

LOC Volunteer Tibi Varga's Story on TV Tibi Varga is an amazing volunteer at the Ogra village. He is giving back to his community and is striving to continue his education. Please pray for Tibi and for the Lord to continue to bless, protect, and use him for good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_JwTr380BA&feature;=share

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The Grand Opening of Casa “Juliana”

On the 24th of October 2014 took place the official opening of Casa „Juliana”. Casa "Juliana" is a therapeutic transit home for abandoned children from Mures county and it has the capacity of hosting 8 kids. In collaboration with CPS services, children that are abandoned, abused or separated from their families are placed here to…

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Reading contest with the orphans

In the last two weeks of July we held a reading contest with all abandoned children in Mures County. The children had to read six stories written by Max Lucado. In the first stage of the competition we managed to see which are the best children in each family home. These, which were the winners,…

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More Day Camps in Ogra village

The last two weeks of the Ogra program were very special because we got to interact with kids that are closer in age to us. Watching them grow and develop into the "teenage stage" was exciting and challenging at times. The last week of Ogra camp came and went all too quickly. The middle and…

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Steps towards maturity

In the last few months our number of graduatesincreased and these are the new teens from the group: Zsofia, Zorro (David), Adi, Cornel, Marian and Levi. Every beginningof life is hard, but with little effort we hope that each of them willsucceed in life and all the good things they have learned will help at…

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Friesland helps the children in need

Starting last year, the Company "Friesland Romania" has started a partnership with Livada bringing a strong input in meeting the needs of the children in high risk situation from Mures County. These children which lack a balanced nutrition have benefited greatly from our organization’s actions. Thereby different dairy products such as: yogurt, sour cream, milk,…

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A lovely time with dear friends!

It’s always a pleasure to get reunited with old friends. Recently, the follow up kids were able to meet again with Dean Mize. Dean was a summer intern last year. He had a great time with the kids at our clubs, he participated to all the activities and games along with the kids, and he…

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Made with Love

Since November 2013, with small and timid steps we started to put the foundations of an occupational therapy program, addressed to a group of three girls in Rebecca and Ana-Nadia group homes. Work is carried out in a protected setting through weekly meetings at Livada's main office,  where Ibi, Anna and Kati can practice their…

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