Celebrating Easter at Our Ministry Departments

Celebrating Easter at Our Ministry Departments

Teach a child how to follow the right way; even when he is old, he will stay on course.”  –  Proverbs 22:6

It’s so important that we teach our kids the truth that Jesus died for us, rose again, and is now alive – even when they are big or small.

When we shared the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection with the children in Ogra they were all so sad and disappointed when they heard that Jesus was crucified, but all that sadness disappeared at the end of the story when they heard that Jesus didn’t stay in the tomb, but He resurrected! Than we told the children that because we are forgiven and Jesus has risen we can celebrate, therefor we had an Easter party with music, games and fun Easter pictures.

Eunice Tinca – Prevention of Abandonment Ministry Coordinator

In our Orphan Outreach Department we wanted to do something a little bit more special for Easter so we rented a bigger gym in a few locations where it was possible and this way the kids got to spend time with our staff and their friends from other houses nearby. This was a good chance to make sure every child, younger or older, gets to hear the Gospel. For most of them who attend our follow-up clubs, it wasn’t something new and they were excited to jump in and tell others what they know about Jesus’s life. After that, we wanted to spend some fun time together and celebrated with the kids, we played games, everyone won prizes and it all ended with the already traditional Easter egg hunt where everyone was running around trying to find all the hidden eggs.

Renata Man – Orphan Outreach Ministry Coordinator

Our graduates had their own plans for this Easter but that did not stop us to get together for a meal and some quality time together. Because of their job schedule we only managed to meet at the same time with Daniel Kalanyos, Stefan, Adi, Daniel P., Cipri, Enti and Geza. We talked about the significance of Easter, we prayed and we got caught up with the details of our lives; all together we had a blessed time. On the way home we went by Elvis to offer him and his three children a worm meal because he had to work that evening.

Daniel Maier – Graduates Ministry Coordinator


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