Celebrating Easter with Rebecca Rasmussen Cinca

Celebrating Easter with Rebecca Rasmussen Cinca

As many of you already know, we celebrated Easter in Romania together with the Orthodox Church on the 1st of May. In the one week off from school, the teens from Ana-Nadia had different activities organized by themselves and by the staff. In that week, Rebecca Rasmussen Cinca, their ex-house director  together with her husband was visiting Romania and the kids. She had a great time with the kids celebrating, doing different activities and outings, shared many laughs and memories, sang songs, and talked about the amazing opportunity we have to serve God and others! One of these days the teens from Ana Nadia also had an Easter party at the house having ordered food, cookies, games and lots and lots of fun. (The pictures tell the story). Next to them our ex-beneficiaries were invited and they all celebrated just as a big family they are. Kati Rostas also came to the house for a couple of days being happy to see Rebecca and spend some precious time with her friends after she was visited by the kids at her current home, at Timulazu.

Knowing that Rebecca’s father often visits people living in US prisons, the LOC kids made some encouraging message posters for them showing that we need to care for those in need.

Next to all these the kids also have been to the spa, the cinema and had dinner in town as well as had a bonfire at the houses one of the nights. On Saturday, Rebecca organized a big birthday party for all the kids because she will not be here to celebrate with them throughout the year.

Just as you can read above there was a very busy but unforgettable week for the LOC kids and Rebecca, which enjoyed every moment.

THANK YOU Rebecca Rasmussen Cinca for everything you’ve done for these kids in those 8 years living in Romania and also for helping them have a super-great Easter time!

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