Celebrating Fall At The Baby Hospital

Celebrating Fall At The Baby Hospital

Since moving to Romania two months ago to serve at the baby hospital, I have gotten the chance to meet a few new faces along with celebrating the millstones of others. It has been a crazy and joyful experience so far!

In October we got to celebrate one of our bigger boy’s birthdays! It was such a joy to celebrate his life and have the opportunity to be with him on that day. Our other toddlers definitely enjoyed the little celebration too.

In my time here in Romania, we have welcomed several new faces to the baby hospital as well.  These kids ages range from new born to toddler. The newest to join us at the hospital are a little girl and boy both under the ages of one. There is always a new little face to welcome and to love.

One highlight in the month of October was our Halloween party. We were able to find and put together a costume for each of our kids to wear for Halloween. It was so sweet and fun to be able to dress the babies up and take pictures with them. There were lots of laughs and smiles from all!

Audrey Dukes -Baby Hospital Missionary

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