Celebration of Life…

Celebration of Life…

After a long summer for our kids, filled with family activities, outings and lots of fun, the month of September brought great enthusiasm with the start of a new school year.

Our Foster Care department continues with its monthly activities through visits, counseling/ therapy, birthday’s celebration, and all kind of support that foster families need.

One of the most important activity for our kids is celebrating their birthdays.  We believe that all the kids in foster care, and not only in foster care, deserve to know that their life matters and that they are truly special.  In the month of September and October we had the opportunity to celebrate the birthdays of three of our kids in our program.  We celebrated enjoying the time spent at a playground with all kind of interesting games and slides, some kids ate pizza and fries (their favorite meal), others having the opportunity to eat for the first time at McDonald’s, and of course we did not miss the delicious birthday cake to which was added another unspoken wish of the kids.  Through these activities we were able to reach the kids on their birthday with a message of hope, in celebration of their life.

Thank you for making all this beautiful experiences possible!

Gabriella Simon – Foster Care Coordinator

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