Child Sponsors Needed

Child Sponsors Needed

They Are Children

We watch over them everyday. They laugh and play. They wake up, eat, sleep, learn, and play some more. They are not old enough yet to know the weight of what has happened to them. They know that they were abandoned. Most of them know that what the adults in their past did to them was wrong. But they are children. Their routine of eating, learning, and playing doesn’t allow for understanding their complex developmental trauma or the scars that have been made on their souls. They are children.

So our staff takes on that weight. They wake them up, clothe them, feed them, referee their conflicts, and monitor their play. All the while carrying their pain for them while they swing or chase or laugh. They are children.

These children and teenagers have been given to us to care for in the name of Jesus. We introduce them to Jesus so that they can one day ask Him to carry the burden of their abuse and abandonment. They are children who God gave to us and need the support of God’s people to survive and thrive.

If you are reading this post, you, at some point, have probably been a part of helping these children. You have prayed, sponsored, or held these children. We thank you from the depths of our hearts for that. We are writing now to ask you to consider helping us again.

We need child sponsors to join sponsorship teams for the LOC kids in our full-time care. There are 35 of them. (Child Protective Services called today and asked us to take in an additional four sisters who attend one of our outreach clubs. We have just introduced them to Christ this year. We would love to show them Christ’s love by taking them into a safe home.) It costs us $550/child/month if they live in our group homes. It costs us $400/child/month if they live with a LOC foster family. Will you prayerfully consider joining together with others like you to make a Sponsorship team to cover these costs?

We also need sponsorship teams for the other kids we serve through our orphan outreach and Gypsy prevention of abandonment clubs. There are over 500 of them. It costs us $10/child/month for them to be a part of our outreach ministry. Will you help us care for them?

Our Child Sponsorship Coordinator is Mira Pogaceanu. She and Tripp Jackson, our US Operations Manager, have hundreds of Sponsorship Cards of these children who need support. We would love to send you one. They also need someone else who would be willing to carry the weight of their burdens to the Father for them while they eat, sleep, learn, and play. If you are willing to be one of these people, please go online to: livada.org/serve-with-us/sponsor-a-child.

You can pray, give, come and hold them, or any combination of these. We will rejoice in your choice to help these kids in Jesus’ name because they are not just any children but they are our children.

For These Children In Jesus’ Name,


“Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them because the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14
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