Christmas Activities Overview – Casa Juliana

Christmas Activities Overview – Casa Juliana

Christmas and holidays in general are busy times for the kids and staff members at our house. This year was busy as well and was filled with new experiences.

It was great getting to celebrate the holidays in a new and bigger home. Starting soon, after the 1st of December, we decorated the house and the Christmas tree and almost every day adding something new to the tree. The kids helped the moms bake Christmas cookies, made cards for their teachers at school, and walked around the town to see the Christmas tree, or meet Santa. We talked and read stories about the birth of Jesus. Costi and Attila were visited by two of their younger siblings that are in foster care and that brought them much joy. Nicusor got to spend a few days over Christmas with the family that raised him and he returned with lots of stories to tell. All the kids participated in the church Christmas play this year with songs and specific roles. All of them, big or small, enjoyed the Christmas gifts.          Before the kids had to return to school one of the moms invited all of them to her house for a sleepover and that has been                                              a great experience for the kids.

Thank you all for your support and prayers in this past year! May God bless you in the New Year!

Rodica Maier – Residential Care Director

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