Comings and Goings from the Baby Hospital.

Comings and Goings from the Baby Hospital.

The last few months at the baby hospital have been characterised by lots of comings and goings.  Going back to early summer we farewelled full time baby hospital missionary Audrey, as her time in Romania came to an end.  It was good having her while we could, and we wish her all the best in the next chapter of life.

Loredana, Audrey, Cristina

At about the same time a group of local teenagers from the high school started taking turns to come and visit the kids.  They enjoyed lavishing love and attention on the babies, and their help  meant that more children had the chance to get outside during the warmer weather.

Jo Fletcher

Two of the girls have continued to volunteer once a week, even though school has now gone back.
As the months went by, various birthdays were celebrated.  Denis and Armando turned 2, Brighita and Gabriel were 1.

New children were born, and more recently older children went home to their families. (Some have since come back to the hospital again, others have stayed at home. We hope that they have adapted and are doing well.)

As the numbers fluctuate, we continue to love who ever we’ve got at the time. Each life is precious, each child adorable in their own right and somebody’s favorite.
Jo Fletcher- Baby hospital missionary

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