Cradle Care Summer Update

Cradle Care Summer Update

The Livada “Cradle Care” ministry is not just about giving bottles and changing diapers, (although we do that.)  It’s about showering love & affection on  precious children who have no-one else to care about them at this point in their lives.

It’s not just about facilitating the achievement of developmental milestones, (although we do that too.)  It’s about putting smiles on little faces, enjoying expressions of wonder & delight, and giving comfort in times of distress.

It’s also about staying flexible.  We have gone from having 17 kids in the colder months earlier in the year, to currently having 9 children (from 4 weeks to 2 years old.)  Tomorrow, the number could change – we never know.  Some have gone home to biological families, some have been placed in foster families, some have gone to other institutions.  When they come, some stay a few months, others stay in the hospital for years.

Since the start of the year, various birthdays have been celebrated.  Fewer children now  means more attention for each one, which is always good.  Summer has meant more volunteers at different times.  Also the chance to takes kids outside when the weather is good (though not so much in recent weeks due to lot of rain.)  And further work on sitting up, walking, introducing solid foods, fine and gross motor skill …. life goes on.   With lots of love thrown in !!

Jo Flatcher- Australian Missionary- Cradle Care


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