Day Camps in Ogra village

Day Camps in Ogra village
The Ogra camp program is four weeks long and takes place at the village school and consists of sixteen team members. Those include two Livada American interns, three Livada staff (Nicole, Niss, Remi) and eleven Romanian volunteers. The program consists of two parts; mornings with younger children (5-6 years old) and afternoons with middle children (7-11 years old). The mornings begin with songs, a Bible story, and games. After games the volunteers set up different stations for the kids to play at. Those stations include puzzles, coloring, cars/trains, dress-up, dolls, and Legos. This is a really special time and opportunity for the kids because they do not have toys like this to play with at home.
In the afternoon, a different group of middle and older children come to camp each week. In the last two weeks we have worked with 7-11 year old girls and boys. Like the younger children, the afternoon starts out with songs, a Bible lesson, and games. After the Bible story is over, the children break up into smaller groups where most children work on school work such as math, reading, writing. A few of the children are selected to learn English with the American interns. The middle girls were enthusiastic and affectionate, while the boys were outspoken and excited! Overall it has been a great two weeks!
Please keep us in your prayers!
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