Days of importance, carefully celebrated with our loved ones

Days of importance, carefully celebrated with our loved ones

A cause for celebration, relaxation and fun, but also collecting wonderful memories over the years is celebrating birthdays. This experience brings joy for the children, sense of belonging and the safety that they are loved, cared for, special and in the spotlight! It is another way in which the family lets the child know that he is loved, cherished and important for them. This is the message we want to send together with our foster families when celebrating birthdays of children in foster care.

In January and February we had the opportunity to say a different kind of “I love you” to 3 special children:

Samuel turned 6 years old on January 19

Sami never experienced a birthday celebration on his behalf, to be in the spotlight, to have a party with gifts, cake, fun and family around! The surprise party organized by the family left him speechless and brought tears to his eyes. It was an unforgettable experience for him, expressed through joy, happiness, and words of thanks addressed to the people most dear people in his life: brothers and foster parents.

Sami is a lively boy, sensitive, with a strong sense of humor that brings smile and joy to others. He is a real blessing for every member of the family.

Pal turned two years old on February 5

        We’ve lived moments of joy along with the foster family of Paul, celebrating the second anniversary of his. To this joy joined Adrian and Nina, the other two children who are in foster care in this family. The fun part of the party was Paul himself who constantly humming the “Happy Birthday” song. The gifts received and the whole party atmosphere made him feel very special.

When we look at these children, we can only be amazed and thankful at the same time, for the beautiful experiences of life in the midst of families, experiences that will become unforgettable memories in future.

Please remember all these forgotten babies when you pray, so that God will bless those who don’t know what love means with a true family.

On February 3rd Valeria celebrated her very first birthday

 Valeria turned one and had her very first birthday party and cake. She is an amazing child, very funny, happy and strong; she made remarkable progress since she’s been in this family.

Her foster family was and is a true blessing for this baby and she is a true blessing for the family.

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