Enjoying Spring at The Baby Hospital

Enjoying Spring at The Baby Hospital

Livada’s ministry at the baby hospital continues. Highlights tend to come with cute expressions or delighted smiles or laughs as the children experience life. It’s the little things, whether that be learning to roll over, clap hands, stand, or, for the older children, just getting out of their cots and being able to run around a room.

It’s also the bigger things, like celebrating birthdays. Last month we had a joint celebration for 2 children’s first birthday, Roxi and Stelian. Of course, like any 1 year old, they didn’t really understand what was going on, but we put the kids in better clothes, had a cake and sang happy birthday anyway

We have had numbers fluctuate from 7 in February, up to 13 a couple of weeks ago, before several children went home again. Several newborns meant that the little babies room filled up, with 1 born each month : December, January, February & March.

It’s such a pleasure and a privilege to work with these kids, whether they are with us for a short time, or long term. Even when they can be difficult, we love them whole heartedly, and rejoice with them as we see their progress.

Jo Fletcher – Baby Hospital Australian Missionary

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