Enjoying the sun!

Enjoying the sun!

“Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury; the time spent engaged in it is not time that could be better spent in more formal educational pursuits. Play is a necessity.” – Kay Redfield Jamieson


Every year in the spring time schools in Romania have a week called “Scoala altfel” (A different kind of school) when they organize activities that are different than the usual classes. As usual the school in Ogra asks LOC to cover one day with interactive activities.

This year we were so happy that the weather was on our side, the sun was out and we were able to play games outside. We spent 30 minutes with each grade, with the 0 to 4th grade we played “red-light, green-light”, “duck, duck, goose”, and three more Romanian games, and with the 5th to 8th grade we played kickball. At the end of each group the children received a snack. It was a lovely time and the kids really enjoyed playing. It might seem like playing is not a big deal, but for these children who have no toys or material to play at home, it is a great way to develop social skills and strategically thinking.

Please continue to pray for our work in Ogra and for the children we come in contact with, that the impact we have will change their life on a long term.

Eunice Tinca – Prevention of Abandonment Coordinator

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