Exploring Different Jobs and Carrier Paths

Exploring Different Jobs and Carrier Paths

The Orphan Outreach department is currently reaching out to approximately 150 children who join us in our follow-up club activities every week. This includes young children’s programs and teenage discipleship groups where our activity is focused on evangelize and building strong trust based relationships with them.

Our goal is to encourage these children to develop good character traits but also to help them in preparing for their transition from the system into adult life. For that, we included an independent life program in our activities, where we focus on presenting different jobs and carrier paths they can follow, explaining what it takes to get there and even more, go and visit companies and factories where they can see different work environments, making it easier for them to have an idea about future jobs.

Most recently, we visited SC Romflag SRL, a flag printing company in Mures County. Regardless of the age group, the kids were surprised to see the long and interesting process of how flags are made. While the younger children were impressed by the robotized part of the production line and the printing process, teenagers were more eager to find out about what it means to have a job in such a company. Fortunately, their staff was kind enough to answer all their questions as they gave us the tour of their factory showing us every detail of the production line and telling us about all the different jobs they have, from the offices to the actual manufacturing. At the end of the tour, all the kids were happy to receive a Romanian flag to take home.

Other companies we have visited in the past include IT companies, furniture production factories, visits to the county hospital where the kids could see what is like to be a doctor, or presentations from the police department and firefighters.

Renata Man – Orphan Outreach Coordinator
Visiting SC Romflag SRL, a flag printing company
Visiting an IT company
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