Facing New Challenges

Facing New Challenges

September is here! School has started! Lots of emotions and excitement for our big kids and little children in our care. Starting with Sergiu who attends his last year of kindergarten, followed by the first graders Laji, Costi and Nicusor, and also the third graders Attila and Eva, everyone is ready to face new challenges and adventures at school with new teachers, new colleague’s, new school subjects and why not new friends. It was good for all of them to see all of their colleagues again, show off their new shoes or school bags and of course talk about the summer. Sergiu Simon and Daniela have also started high school in the 11th grade.

Ana has been working for a few months already, and Ibi and Dita are currently searching for a job. Please pray that God will open doors for the best jobs possible for our young ladies.

At the beginning of August there were some changes made in our group-homes. The 6 children from Casa Juliana moved into Casa Ana Nadia that was left only with two of the teenagers: Laura and Daniela. The other teenagers who have finished high-school and got a job, or are searching for one, moved out of Casa Ana Nadia into a girls apartment (Ibi, Dita and Ana) and the boys into the former Casa Rebeca (Stefan and Sergiu) together with their mentor Daniel K.

Therefore, the month of September has been a new beginning for most of our children; a new house to live in, new teachers and new challenges at school, accommodating with the independent life, a new job for Stefan and so on. We pray that they will adjust easy and that these changes will not affect them in any negative way.

Please continue to stand with us in this next year of school through prayer and support! Thank you!

Rodica Maier – Residential Care Director

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