First week of “Ultimate Joy”

First week of “Ultimate Joy”

Summer is officially in full swing, as evidenced by a school gym full of singing and dancing, soaring soccer balls, some seriously animated facial expressions à la Bruce Thomas, and a bunch of crazy but very lovable kids. For the first week of camp, we had mostly teenagers from the group homes in Sangeorgiu, Raciu, Sarmas, Sincai, and Campenita. To help us get things started, a wonderful team from Little Rock, Arkansas was here with us.

The theme for camp this summer is “Ultimate Joy,” and that is the most fitting description of this week. Despite the craziness of working out all the little kinks that are bound to come with the first week of camp, staying up late at night to practice skits, or finding creative ways to engage older kids that think they’re too cool for school (or camp, as the case may be), we are filled with inexpressible joy that can only come from Christ. The opportunity to share with the kids about how they too can have that joy is worth far more than any amount of work we had to put into camp preparations. It is a blessing to witness a child receiving that joy for the first time as they place their faith in Jesus Christ. It is a blessing to get to spend our days working alongside people from opposite sides of the globe that share a common goal as a result of this common joy.

Thank you for all the prayers and support throughout this week of camp, and join us in praising God for a great first week!

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