Foster Care Celebrations

Foster Care Celebrations

Sometimes we take for granted how special a birthday is… it’s basically just going around and saying how great it is you’re just here that you are important and loved.  This is the message we want to communicate to the children in our care.  To know that they are important, that their birthday is special and as they are with their painful past, with their indescribable stories, they themselves are important, loved and deserve more than they can ever dream of.  One of the most important things that we can give to our children is HOPE! This is what we wanted to communicate on their birthdays. And more than the party we organized with games, stories, contests, prizes, delicious cake and, of course, the much wanted birthday gifts, we wanted them to know that they are valuable, important and loved!

We are thankful to God first of all, for giving us such families to care for our children, for the resources we need to care for them, and last but not least, we are thankful to you, to those who remained  with us “on the battlefield”…  Thank you for your support in all!

GabrieLLa Simon – Foster to Adopt Coordinator

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