Fun Summer for Orphan Outreach Children

Fun Summer for Orphan Outreach Children

After a fun filled week of camp, we were more than happy to notice some of the teenage kids trying to make changes and be a good influence on the younger kids. One of the teenage boys even set up his own little program where every week he gets together with a group of young kids and he does games and lessons with them, which is great for the younger kids who are even more receptive when it comes from someone who knows their situation better than anyone.

Not too long after camp, we started our follow-up programs with the state care children again. The kids are always looking forward to seeing us every week and we try to make it as fun as possible for them to be able to make great memories but also learn useful life skills.

With the kids being on summer holiday still, we can be flexible with our follow-up schedule, which allowed us to have a few activities that we don’t usually get to do. For example, some of our staff members organized a trip into the mountains with a group of teenage boys that go to our Bible studies.  All the boys got their own pair of boots to make the 3 hour hike easier. Everyone enjoyed the quality time spent together and the amazing views from the top.

Another fun experience we were able to go through together with a group home was a trip to the zoo with the most recent house we started working with. Being a national holiday, we celebrated it together with the kids and a group of volunteers who were very helpful and made this day possible for these kids. The kids being very young, for most of them it was their very first trip to the zoo, so you can imagine how excited they got to see all the animals, especially the ones they were allowed to pet or even feed.

School is about to start in less than two weeks, so please keep our group home kids in your prayers as they go back to school and our follow-up clubs as well to be fruitful and also fun for the kids.

Renata Man – Orphan Outreach Coordinator




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