Halfway Through LOC Summer Camp

Halfway Through LOC Summer Camp

It’s hard to believe that we are halfway through camp for the summer!  This year we kicked off the summer by visiting a different location and new group of kids every day, running relatively the same program of camp day after day. By visiting a different group of children each day, the staff will greatly benefit in the fall semester of Follow Up from not having any interrupted contact with the kids over the course of the summer. Although it is a different schedule than previous summers, this new layout promotes a greater sense of consistency in the relationships that the Lord has cultivated here. Both staff and kids have been able to adjust to the new weekly schedule very well, and we are excited to see how the Lord plans on working in the kids’ hearts each week. Just from the first week to the second, we have been able to see more openness to the Truth and trust in Him, the glory of which can only be given to God.

Through small group discussions, songs, free time, games, and crafts, we focused on the vitality of knowing the truth of what God says about us by looking at Genesis 1:26. In comparing the effect of both the truth and lies we hear day in and day out to filling a suitcase that we lug around heavy with things that people say about us, we were able to engage in conversations with the kids about the weight of their own loads they carry based on their own stories. Many of the orphans shared experiences of abandonment leading to an identity of being unwanted and unworthy, and as a result, the Lord graciously used many different leaders to point the kids back to the Gospel by teaching them that Jesus’s death and resurrection has forever lightened the burdensome load that we try to carry on our own. Because Jesus rose from the grave, He daily empties our suitcases of the lies of being not enough by replacing them with truths regarding our identity as beloved children of the King of Kings. Praise Him for being our perfect Father! Team times consisted of exhorting our small groups with truths of who we are in Christ as well as sharing our own testimonies of how we have all searched for our identity in many other things that don’t fulfill and how God, in His kindness, has drawn us back to Himself – the one thing that satisfies the longing heart.

From our point of view, camp is truly a tiny piece of Heaven touching earth. Not because the gym is filled with flying balls or we play high energy games or get to laugh and dance and sing together, but because of the picture of Heaven that we get a glimpse of in Revelation 7:9. Eternity is promised to be filled with every tribe and tongue and nation, and the union of Romanians and Americans compelled by the Gospel to proclaim the goodness of our God to children extremely near to the heart of God is divinely rich.

We ask for continued prayers for protection against the enemy, hearts to be transformed by the glory and grace of Jesus, strength and energy for our staff, and ultimately, for the name of the Lord to be glorified in everything we do.

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