Happy Smiles!

Happy Smiles!

One of the greatest struggles in our work at Ogra is teaching the importance of hygiene to a community that wasn’t taught for generations, a community that also doesn’t have the financial situation to buy all the products necessary for a good hygiene. We realized that we can’t ask the children to wash their own clothes as they are still little and they don’t have washing machines, but we can ask them to wash themselves and brush their teeth.

Together with the Local School in Ogra we organized a campaign to bring awareness about oral hygiene and we talked about the correct way to brush their teeth, we also underlined the threat that the bacteria and infections are and that they can cause worse illnesses. The children were very open and interested and they were very happy and excited to receive a little aid pack which came as a donation from the USA. We are so grateful to all that gave, and we pray that God will bless them as they were also a blessing to others.

Eunice Tinca – Prevention of Abandonment Coordinator

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