Another week of fun Day Camp!

This past week was another awesome week of camp! We had a great group of kids ranging from ages 3 to 19 from Miercurea Nirajului, Zau, and Sarmas. The American team was three families from Dallas so we had a family week at camp. It was awesome getting to see the American kids participate and…

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Day Camps in Ogra village

The Ogra camp program is four weeks long and takes place at the village school and consists of sixteen team members. Those include two Livada American interns, three Livada staff (Nicole, Niss, Remi) and eleven Romanian volunteers. The program consists of two parts; mornings with younger children (5-6 years old) and afternoons with middle children…

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First week of “Ultimate Joy”

Summer is officially in full swing, as evidenced by a school gym full of singing and dancing, soaring soccer balls, some seriously animated facial expressions à la Bruce Thomas, and a bunch of crazy but very lovable kids. For the first week of camp, we had mostly teenagers from the group homes in Sangeorgiu, Raciu,…

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Finally we can enjoy the sun and some fresh air

At the baby hospital we enjoy a lot the wonderful weather because that means playing at the park, walking in the sun and why not just sitting on a bench on somebody's lap babbling away! Soon, joining our team for the summer, we will have two interns, Kathleen and Hayley, and that gives us the…

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Please be praying for us and for all the interns, volunteers from US and RO, Romanian staff, and kids because on Monday camps start. Seven weeks of learning, playing, fun and joy are about to start. We will come with updates each week so stay connected! SUMMER CAMPS 2012

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Update on “Girls Club” in Ogra

Our weekly meetings with the teenager girls this year were very productive. We had a lot of craft work to do and in the last two weeks we started knitting. Nobody knew how that works so Anca, our volunteer, and me (Nicole) had to learn how to knit again. We hope that a little project…

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Steps towards maturity

In the last few months our number of graduatesincreased and these are the new teens from the group: Zsofia, Zorro (David), Adi, Cornel, Marian and Levi. Every beginningof life is hard, but with little effort we hope that each of them willsucceed in life and all the good things they have learned will help at…

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Celebrating Easter with the orphan kids

Easter was a special one this year. First, because instead of a regular schedule we had a picnic with each group of children. Although the weather was not favorable for an outside picnic, the children had something special: "indoor picnic"! Secondly, thanks to people who are concerned that these children have special gifts this year,…

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New Therapist at the Baby Hospital

Things have moved forward at the Baby Hospital ministry. We are excited to collaborate with Ana Maria Veres, our new therapist that is helping us work with the children, and understand them.  We already see the progress! Please keep us in your prayers! Also, we are blessed with new furniture in the playing room at…

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Friesland helps the children in need

Starting last year, the Company "Friesland Romania" has started a partnership with Livada bringing a strong input in meeting the needs of the children in high risk situation from Mures County. These children which lack a balanced nutrition have benefited greatly from our organization’s actions. Thereby different dairy products such as: yogurt, sour cream, milk,…

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