LOC Kids Graduating High School

LOC Kids Graduating High School

For many of us the high school years were the most beautiful years in our lives. New friendships, complicity to good and bad, common projects, last minute study for raising grades, cheating at tests, school skipping in group, like and dislike for teachers, and many, many more…all of this were part of our life and offered us unforgettable moments.

Also for three of our teenagers the high school years ended with this year’s graduation festivity. Together with some other teenagers from Casa Ana Nadia and some who have graduated last year we participated to their graduation festivity. For each one of them it was a very emotional day, having their last meeting with their teacher and colleagues, where the pleasant and less pleasant memories of the 4 years of high school have been mentioned.

End of high school…lots of flowers, hugs and kisses, pictures, greetings…then silence. Everything turns into memories. Keep them dearly, dear ones, and add other beautiful ones alongside them.

We wish you success, to be able to walk with faith in life and on the road that each one of you chooses.

Cristina Bichis – Casa Ana Nadia Director

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