Ludus Baby Hospital Update

Ludus Baby Hospital Update

At the baby hospital we had a full summer with lots of lovely people visiting and spending time with the babies and toddlers!

We also had here two wonderful interns for two months, Kathleen and Haley, working alongside with our staff which were covering 12 hours every day. So thanks to all these dedicated people our babies and toddlers were held, fed, stimulated, involved in activities and taken outside a lot more; and we can already see the difference!

Also at the end of July we had a professional massage therapist from USA, Janet, who trained our staff and volunteers on massaging babies and toddlers on specific developmental issues. We had a great time with her and learned a lot of useful things!

At the moment, we have at the baby hospital 5 babies and 3 toddlers. Stefan, one of the older toddler there was moved into a children home with special needs as he was turning 6 (age limit for the hospital).

Please pray for us to be able to keep up the 12hour schedule and make a difference in their lives; and for the little ones to find loving families (natural or adoptive).

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