Made with Love

Made with Love

Since November 2013, with small and timid steps we started to put the foundations of an occupational therapy program, addressed to a group of three girls in Rebecca and Ana-Nadia group homes. Work is carried out in a protected setting through weekly meetings at Livada’s main office,  where Ibi, Anna and Kati can practice their creative skills to manufacture items, artiz objects and clothing, accessories and home decorations.

Much of the raw material required are donations from various people in the community  and from the foundation, from people who want to encourage and support the start of the beneficiaries.

We also enjoy the presence of the two volunteers,  Alexandra and Madalina, young and very dedicated, passionate and willing to invest in our girls.

So far, the young were able to create ​​bow, decorative eggs for the house, and hair Cordell.  All the results are nothing else but reasons to motivate them, encourage them, to strengthen their self-confidence and to outline a clear picture of what it means to work and get results.

Our young have become increasingly skillful in making decorative objects and accessories, and all those nice things they want to capitalize on several occasions in order to turn this passion into an income generating activity.

The most important lesson they learn is that the products that are made​​, quality matters most. In order to obtain the desired quality they needed time, love and patience and in their situation much exercise and repetition.

Our girls are full of enthusiasm and desire to continue to expand the activity, transforming it, in the near future, in a way of standing.

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