Meet Our Staff -Nicole Triff

Meet Our Staff -Nicole Triff

In 2012 I moved to Romania to work with the LOC Foundation in a Roma community in the Prevention of Abandonment Department in Ogra. I originally planned to stay 5 years – 5 years in which I wanted to invest in these people; families, children, adolescents.

At first we had different programs with children, where we talked about the Bible, played a lot and created close relationships. Over time, we have introduced more and more things that seemed normal to us, but for many of these children these were new things (washing hands and face, apologizing, the way to behave with children their age and also adults.)

The work with teenage girls was on my heart, so I started a girls club, where we met once a week. Being only 10 girls, conversations have become more personal and intense. We talked a lot about their dreams, young mothers in their community, relationships with boys and more. Besides we taught them how to do  practical things for girls and future moms.

Through out these years I invested in many different programs (reading with children in their homes, educational lessons for young mothers, camps with children, weekends with adolescents, clothes and boots distributions, …) in which these children and their families as well as me personally have learned a lot.

5 years have passed and I am still here :)! I met my husband here and in 2014 we got married and we have two babies who fill our hearts! With two little children at home, I can not invest 100% in my work in Ogra, but I try as much as the situation at home allows me, to invest in these people.

David Tobias Salome Nicole

Knowing that a change in a community does not come overnight, because it takes work and investing for many years, I am motivated to go further with them! And with the help of the Lord I am convinced we will see many miracles and small changes in the next years!

I currently work with Niss and two other missionaries with 1-3 grade children, who we help with the homework and try to recover the shortcomings they have. I really like this practical investment for their future, and enjoy together with them  every little success they can experience .

I can not wait to see what the Rroma community will look like in Ogra in the next 10 years!

Nicole Triff – Switzerland Missionary – Prevention of Abandonment

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