Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Life as a LOC American Missionary

As an American missionary serving with LOC, I often get asked by both my friends in the States and my friends in Romania, “So what is it like living in Romania?” I usually laugh before responding, “Well, it’s kind of crazy, but I love it.”

When I moved to Romania last June, I had no idea the adventure that would be waiting for me on this side of the world. In my head, I had ideas, plans, and expectations of what my time as a missionary would look like, but I learned very quickly that life and ministry here wouldn’t be as neatly planned out as I hoped it would be. Life in Romania has taught me to be flexible, to expect the unexpected, and to be willing to say yes to doing hard things.

Serving with LOC has been a journey marked with incredible joy and painful struggles and everything in between, but I’m thankful for the ways the Lord has made a home for me here, and I’m humbled I get to be a part of His redemptive work in this country. As we step into our fall programs, I’m expectant of what the Lord has in store for LOC. Please pray that we would continue to love the kids in our care the way our Heavenly Father does!

Allyson Lim – US Missionary

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