Cradle Care

State Care of Infants

As of early 2005, the Romanian law states that no child under the age of two can be in a state institution. However, children continue to be abandoned daily. The state solution has been to place some children in foster care or maternal assistance. The children not placed in some type of foster care are kept indefinitely at the pediatric hospitals around the country.

What is Cradle Care?

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What is Cradle Care?

In response to continued needs of babies entering these pediatric wards, we are working to serve one such hospital. Our Livada staff and volunteers work to assist the hospital staff in the care of these abandoned babies. Our Cradle Care program works in a variety of ways to better the lives of these innocent infants. We offer everything from diapers to the developmental training and therapeutic needs of these children. Offering a tender embrace is only the beginning. We work daily with these babies in hopes of preparing them for a forever home through our Foster to Adopt program.

Foster to Adopt

The Foster to Adopt program was set in motion after the tragic death of a child who never received the opportunity to be placed in a loving forever home. Our efforts were increased to prevent this tragedy again in the future. We now have staff working full time to prepare these babies for a new family, complete the necessary paperwork, and find the families ready to adopt these children and love them as their own.

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