Group Home Care


The Need

With a large number of orphaned and abandoned children in substandard state care, few national adoptions each year, and a ban on international adoptions — a bleak future for these children remains. Several years ago the Romanian government slowly began to move children from large state orphanages to state group homes. In many cases this shift served only as a change in location for these children and not in the care they received.

Our Response

In 2004, Livada responded with a commitment to investing in the children not only physically, but spiritually, emotionally and educationally. Our first full-time, family style group home Casa Rebeca was opened in September 2004 followed by Casa Nadia and Casa Ana in September 2005. These kids have affectionately become known as our “LOC kids.” In 2009, we consolidated Casa Ana and Casa Nadia kids and moved the older teens into Mentor apartments.

As our “LOC kids” have grown and moved out on their own, or into mentor apartments, we began to search for the next generation of children to bring into our full-time care. In 2014 we had the privilege of converting part of our space into an area designed specifically for six toddlers and pre-schoolers that we were able to remove from state care. These children moved into a space known as “Casa Julianna”. They are currently the only children in our full time care.

Some of these children had been in state institutions since birth and knew nothing of a life in a family until they were brought out of the orphanage into our care. Others were with their natural families for a time, but following abuse, neglect, poverty or other conditions, they were abandoned to the state. Livada’s Christian group homes go far beyond taking children from a large institution and putting them in a house. Our group homes are just that – HOMES.

The children are cared for by a loving staff who attends to healing their hurts of past neglect, abuse & abandonment and helping them to develop into healthy adults. Healing such as this involves intense psychological, medical and educational care; coupled with spiritual, social and life skill training.

Many Results

Now these children are daily testimonies to God’s grace and the power of His love. Only through the dedication of the staff along with the love and donations of sponsors can these children’s lives be changed so dramatically. Here are few of the changes we have seen.

Physical Changes

Physical Changes:

– An open heart surgery for Bella
– Two knee surgeries for Emese
– Eye surgery for Sergiu
– Glasses for 13 children
– Healthy food & proper medical attention
– Repaired teeth and proper dental care
– Daily tutoring, speech and language therapy, and other programs have brought marked educational growth

Emotional Changes

Emotional Changes: 

– Recurring nightmares ceased
– Growing trust and communication
– Understanding & proper respect for authority without fear
– Slow but steady healing of past hurts through counseling
– Intense therapy & training by Western specialists
– Smiles on faces of children once without hope
– Kati at Casa Ana allowing others to get close
– Rocking & other self comforting techniques replaced by proper interactions and words

Spiritual Changes

Spiritual Changes: 

– Understanding that they are loved and valuable
– Weekly attendance at local Sunday School and Church services
– Showing interest in the Lord and the way He wants them to live
– Bible studies and clubs for older & younger kids
– Many of the children in these houses have accepted Christ as their Savior

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