Orphan Graduate Care & Mentor Apartments


A time comes when every child becomes a young adult and needs help transitioning from dependence to independence.  Our Orphan Graduate Care provides support and assistance for these young men and women as they “graduate” into another stage of life and venture into independent living.

As we coach our orphan grads through this process, we remind them that they always have a family at Livada.

Hear an example of one of their stories below.

Mentor Apartments

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Our chief approach is helping an orphan graduate to successful independent living. We have been able to offer a helping hand to prepare “near graduates” from state care for life after the system, by bringing them into apartments with 2-3 other young adults and a Livada Mentor.  The Mentor is an encourager, investing in the spiritual and social development of these young people, helping them move toward an independent life.

We currently don’t have any mentor apartments in operation.

Specific Mentor assistance includes:

  • Teaching life skills
  • Providing accountability
  • Helps oversee a budget
  • Encourages them in meeting educational potential
  • Assists in finding employment

Progress & Success Stories

Graduate Care

  • Girls have developed self respect and sense of self worth
  • Two current college students
  • Several learning to appreciate the satisfaction of a “hard day’s work.”
  • Most attend church regularly
  • A state awarded apartment for Cipri
  • A travel abroad scholarship for Gabi
  • Success with cooking, paying bills, understanding a budget, and other life skills
  • Several graduates of the program are successfully working abroad independently
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