Ogra High School Students Preparing for Winter

Ogra High School Students Preparing for Winter

Children, after all, are not just adults-in-the-making. They are people whose current needs and rights and experiences must be taken seriously. — Alfie Kohn

A few years back we strated our continuing educational program in Ogra, by supporting the teens that graduated 8th grade to be able to attend high school or vocational school in the schools in Targu-Mures or Iernut, which are the towns that are closest to Ogra.

The first year we enrolled 9 students but only one remained in school after 1 month, in 11th grade Sorin and his family moved to Germany and he is continuing his education there. Obviously we were quite desapointed of the outcome, but the next year we tryed again. This time we enrolled five students and only two of them dropped out, the other three Larisa, Elemer and Denisa stayed in school and with our support graduated highschool in the summer of 2019. In the coming years we have enrolled three  more students, David who will graduate vocational school next summer, Nicoleta who moved to Italy with her mother and is continuing her education there, and Roxana who is in 10th grade at the moment.

This September we enrolled six students in vocational schools in Targu Mures, Madalina who is studying to be a baker, Adam who is studing to be an electrician, Virgil, Gabi, Denis and Andrei who are studying to become mechanics. Our staff Eunice Tinca (Niss) is responsible in meeting with them weekly, going to the parent-teacher meeting and paying their dorm fees every month. Due to the fact that their parents are in the village and they are in town they need an adult to be their support sistem.

This past week Niss took all of them in two seperate days to get winter jackets. We want this children to have all the oportunities to continue school and not feel marginalized and left out by their peers.

A special prayer request for Madalina who has suffered of facial semiparalisis and was admited in the hospital for a week, she is at home for one more week and will return to school in December. Please pray for full recovery and for patience, for Madalina.  In the photo pictured here Madalina is wearing her aunts winter jacket as the doctor advised her to stay as warm as possible. She was very happy to receive a jacket of her own.

We ask that you will continue to pray and support this program in anyway you can. We appreciate your support over the past years, we wouldn’t be able to do our part here without you!

Eunice Tinca- Prevention of Abandonment Coordinator

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