Olympics in Ogra

Olympics in Ogra

The state Olympics in Rroma (gypsy) language and culture was celebrated this year in Ogra. The best 50 students with Rroma (gypsy) background from the whole Mures state were gathered together for this event.  Three of them were from Ogra; kids who are attending our programs as well. In the morning they had a test at the local school and afterwards there was a special program at the culture palace for the kids.

We, the Livada staff, were present for the whole afternoon, playing with the students who were waiting for the test results.  We had a lot of fun together, played games like “Win in 60 seconds”, “Wireless phone”, finding red hats, and others.

Together with our volunteers we were able to partner with the local school and mayor, to help that such a big event could go smoothly.

Between our games and other activities, there were Romanian and gypsy traditional dances, presented by the Ogra kids that we work with.

At the end of the day, two of the kids in Ogra received a diploma. They were on 1stand 2nd place and one of them will be able to join the national Olympics in Rroma language!

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