Reading contest with the orphans

Reading contest with the orphans

In the last two weeks of July we held a reading contest with all abandoned children in Mures County. The children had to read six stories written by Max Lucado. In the first stage of the competition we managed to see which are the best children in each family home. These, which were the winners, in the second stage, were able to compete with other children in the county.

We had two groups of children: the little once who could not read, and the teens who were independent reading. The first four places in each category received the prize: a trip to the salt mine in Praid, where they participated in a course of obstacles, and in the afternoon we went to the pool with salt water. The children had a great time and at the end of the day they no longer wanted to go home.

It was a good opportunityto reach the hearts of children through these books that have a very good message. In the fall we intend to take every book in hand and talk more deeply with each child who comes to Club Follow-Up.

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