School Supplies From Stichting Livada

School Supplies From Stichting Livada

It’s September again, which normally would mean school is back, even though this year we were nervous things would change, we were happy to know we will start school again in person, in September. Things did change, hugs and kisses were replaced by fist bumps and waves, and it was difficult as we know our kids are so in need of all the love and care we can give them, and we had to explain to them the rules and that we have to follow them even if it’s hard. We had to learn to smile with our eyes as our mouths were hidden behind masks, and to realize that the way we express everything even through our tone of voice is even more important now.

The children in Ogra were happy to be back in school, especially since most of them don’t have the technology necessary to do online school, which meant they weren’t able to do school since March when schools closed. Surprisingly, this year the attendance is much higher than the previous years, and we truly hope that this will remain the same throughout the entire school year.

The first day I was back in school a choir of giggly voices were asking me if I brought school supplies, it is something they are excited about every year so I was happy to be able to bring the school supplies a few days later. It is always emotional for me to see the kids so excited about getting notebooks and pens, things that are so unnoticeable for other children.

We are tremendously thankful to our partners from Stichting Livada – Nederlands, namely to Julie Dahmen, Rudolf Philipse, and all the donors, for their support and giving hearts, we so appreciate their dedication! All the kids in Ogra, Foster Care and LOC house received school supplies for this next year of school.

This “giving day” in Ogra was different because for more than 5 years Julie, Natascha or Rudolf were there with us, but because of the COVID-19 situation this year they were not able to join us so they were truly missed that day. We hope and pray that they are safe and that next year we would be able to celebrate this day together just as usual.

Please continue to pray for our foster and LOC kids, and also for the 308 students from the school in Ogra and the six high school students, all their teachers and the people involved in their education and development, to keep safe and overcome any obstacle that would hinder them from continuing their education.

Eunice Tinca – Program Coordinator Prevention of Abandonment

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