Sponsor a Child or Teen

We need individuals and groups to join what we call “sponsorship teams” and give toward monthly sustenance costs to support our ministry programs. Our Sponsorship Staff would love to send you information on how you can join one of these teams. Sponsorship can be given on a monthly or annual basis.  Once you join a team, getting to know and watching your child grow through updates, pictures, and letters you will both share is a priceless experience with an eternal impact.

Sponsor a Child in Residential Care

Many years ago we were humbled by the opportunity to rescue groups of children from a state orphanage system, whose environment consisted of poor conditions, abuse and fear.  It was from those tragic conditions we then introduced them to counseling, consistent relationships, ongoing medical care, tutoring, and other educational support to help them to grow up to understand family, responsibility, and most importantly the love of a Father that will never leave or forsake them.

Today we have over one hundred graduates, six children in a group home, fourteen kids in foster care,  and six young adult graduates still receiving some aid and counsel. Two of whom are in the USA attending universities.

It costs $550 per child per month to live in one of our group homes, foster care or mentor apartments. We look for TEAMS of individuals to join their partial support together to help us cover this monthly need.

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Sponsor a Child involved with Orphan Outreach Clubs or Prevention of Abandonment Ministry Clubs in Gypsy Villages

Livada is committed to helping Romanian orphans find their place in this world.  We minister to over 500 orphans and at-risk kids in Mures County of Romania.  This includes Christian clubs, tutoring, dental, camp and other ministry opportunities for the children in state run group homes and Gypsy villages.

It costs $10 per child per month to maintain ongoing efforts to reach these 500+ vulnerable kids with the Good News, equip them with practical life skills, and provide discipleship opportunities for them to grow in their faith.

Romanian Orphan Charities 2

Sponsor a Baby in Cradle Care and Foster to Adopt

In response to the overwhelming need of developmental care and advocacy for countless babies abandoned in hospital wards, our Cradle Care program is assisting one such hospital.  First, we focus on the developmental care many of these abandoned and neglected babies need upon arrival.  Second, we find forever families for the children ready to assimilate into a new loving home.

It costs $200 per baby per month to cover the costs associated with nurturing these babies and then placing them in domestic foster families ready to adopt them.

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